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I have a 2 yo beagle. As a pup he tried eating small pieces of poop, likely mostly from cats, or tiny dogs.

Then he stopped doing that for a year. But now he's taken it up again. When we go for walks, as a beagle, he sniffs A LOT. There is no time for me to react when he does it. Sometimes, drop it works. If he does not swallow it in one gulp.

He is e.g. not interested in chicken poop. When I take him to my parents house, who have a huge yard with chickens, he never picks up chicken poop. He also never picks up big poop. Just the small ones. Like candy.

But also, I've seen him once eating a small piece of "barn poop". Like, cow poop mixed with straw that people put as fertilizer on field.

He is, sort of, on a diet. I cut his rations ~15% because he started gaining weight. Could this be the reason?

What can I do to stop this?

As said, drop it only works sometimes. Reinforce drop it, because he never learned it properly?

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