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So my boyfriend recently got a Pitbull/Great Dane puppy, he’s 4 months old and he seems to be very smart and learning quickly. He’s housebroken now and has learnt 4 tricks. Well I don’t live with my boyfriend but I go to see him every week or so and I stay for a few days. While I’m not at his house the puppy sleeps with him every night and gets all of my boyfriends attention. When I go over to his house, he gets the dog to sleep in his bed on the floor because he’s such a big dog and takes up a lot of space, and of course my boyfriend gives me attention as well as the puppy. Last time I was at his house the puppy was good for the first day, then on the second and third day he pee’d on his bed. It wasn’t a full out pee, but more so spotting. He has never done it before and I’ve been home for two days now and he hasn’t spotted on his bed again. We know it’s not a bladder issue, but I just need to know if this may be a territorial issue because he’s jealous of me? Is there maybe anything we can do to solve it?

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