Dog runs away off her leash

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Hi all. My pup is a mix and a super good pup. She isn't even a year old. Has had a dozen accidents in the house in the last 9 months we've had her. She knows more tricks than my cocker spaniel from when I was a kid. Great dog.

My big issue with her is when we take her outside in the backyard to go to the bathroom. If she's been psycho and playing in the house, she has to be leashed. I'll take her out off leash sometimes when she's sleepy, and I can get her to go out and come back in, no leash.

Sometimes, like today, she will take off, and do this thing where she runs from us. Then I have to chase her for 20 minutes. She thinks it's a game. I do not.

We play with her outside every day, so we get out her energy. Even when we play sometimes, she gets the same way. The toys usually keep her attention though.

We train with her too. Like I said, tons of tricks for a pup less than a year old. She comes. When we're training…

TL;DR How do I get my dog to behave off leash? I'm so frustrated. We've done such a good job training her, but this we can't nip in the bud, and it needs to get nipped before it's too late.

Please help!!!

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