Dog refuses to go outside with husband

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Hi, we’ve had our rescue dog for over a year. My husband doesn’t do a lot of the caretaking, my work day starts 2 hours before his so I do all of the feeding and taking outside. Our dog has had a lot of reactivity and fear that we’ve worked through and their relationship is much stronger. Our dog is very attached to me although we’ve worked on creating boundaries- he’s less of a Velcro dog now. I’m leaving for a trip for 10 days and my hubby and our dog will be home alone. The longest they’ve been alone together was 48hrs and my hubby said our dog would refuse to go outside and was a giant PITA hiding from him the entire time. He ate but it was super frustrating for both of them.

I hate that our damn dog is so afraid of my hubby when I’m not home that he’ll hide! It’s frustrating for my hubby that he won’t go outside.

He’s tried leaving the door open, tossing treats, shooing him out, coaxing him out- dog refused to go outside still.

Any ideas for what we can do?

*edited to add, our dog is our world! He’s the best dog and we love him so much- we couldn’t imagine not saving his cute lil self! My husband’s job requires him to have inconsistent hours and he’s often gone for days or weeks at a time which is why I’m the primary caretaker and household manager.

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