Dog reacts to other dogs when stationary on leash

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Hi there,

I adopted a jindo mix puppy about a month ago. He’s 9 months old and is pretty great. He’d never been fostered so didn’t really have any manners when I got him. We’ve made a lot of improvement with manners, basic obedience, crate training, walking nicely on the leash, etc.

There’s one behavior of his that is a little alarming that doesn’t seem to be getting better, and I don’t really know how to work on it. Sometimes, if we’re seated outside somewhere, like on a bench or at a picnic table, he will snarl and bark at other dogs that walk by, in a way that sounds very angry and aggressive. He doesn’t try and approach or lunge at them, and doesn’t seem afraid — I’m wondering if it’s a warning/something territorial? It also seems to happen more when he’s tired and/or hungry (relatable).

I was told by the shelter that he really likes other dogs. He likes to say hi and play with other dogs we encounter on walks. He’ll sometimes lunge and bark (I don’t let him approach if he gets excited and unruly), but I think that’s out of frustration with the leash because it doesn’t seem directed at the other dog, and this behavior has been improving a lot since we’ve been perfecting “leave it”. The aggressive behavior when we’re stationary seems different.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before, or what I should do about it?

This is Puck 🙂

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