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Hi everyone! First time posting here. I hope you guys have ideas I haven’t thought of. So, the perp…My dog, Neutered Male American Bulldog turned a year 3/23/20.

The issue…he will randomly chew (usually something made of wood). It’s not every time we leave, and of course we find it way after the fact so…trying to catch him in the moment to train him to stop is difficult.

He’s been doing it as a puppy. Initially he was doing it when we’d be sitting there….after playing…he’d chew the leg on the coffee table. We were able to get him to stop because he’d do it while we were there. He was OK for a while, no issues. Then we would randomly find something damaged later on. This just happened again last night as he chewed the trim in our bedroom at some point yesterday, we noticed it this AM.

He does have free range of the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Since he was a puppy he had a “puppy apartment”, penned off to an area he would be safe. Similar set up now, but just a bit larger area. Seems like we’ll need to take away access to the bedroom again (we gave it to him in April). The first round, we realized the toys he had weren’t going good…so we got him a bunch of hard toys to chew. Was good for a while. Then it happened again and we realized it happens when we have to cut lunch short during work or come home for a quick minute and leave right away. OK, if we have to do that we try and tired him out a lot.

So…toys, exercise, he gets attention, play time. Any help is appreciated!

TL;DR…14 month old American Bulldog is randomly chewing things and I need ideas on what to do to curb the behavior.

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