Dog peeing when excited?

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So I have a 3 year old pitbull/sharpay that is VERY well trained. She loves to play games the second I get home from work. I played with her tonight, let her calm down, then took her outside. We decided to play again shortly after she ate. She has never done this before, but I started seeing wet spots on my bed. I smelt it, but It didnt smell like pee. So we continued playing, she got super excited, and then I full on saw her make a new wet spot. This time it was way bigger. When I asked her if she peed, she got her guilty face and rolled on her back to show me her belly. So I knew she didnt do it on purpose.

Does anybody know why a 3 year old dog that is beyond well trained, would do this out of the blue?

I'm also wondering if it has to do with her being home alone more often now, and she just got overly excited.

Thanks in advance

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