Dog Pants and Whines when in crate alone

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Hi Guys,

I have an 11 month old Dalmatian who I am working really hard on crate training. He will go to his crate when given a treat or on command, lays in it when I am home, and can be in there when I am home with it shut.

The problem is the second I leave, he pants and whines so much that a pool of drool is at the bottom of the crate, and sometimes the crate is pushed out from under the cage. I am learning that this is a case of separation anxiety, but is there any tips I can do to help minimize this. I try leaving for 10 minutes at a time (While Quarantined) but when I go back to work, he will need to be in there longer.

I play calming music too when I leave to help him..

I could use the help, as I can not let him roam the house while I am gone, as he is destructive.

Thank you to all that respond and I hope you have a great day

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