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We have a super friendly 4.5 month old lab puppy. She is mostly great but we are struggling with her love of other dogs. She always wants to play with every dog she sees and doesn’t seem great at picking up their signals. She is very full on but shows submissiveness and is very gentle with smaller dogs. She typically tries to lick other dogs faces/mouths and many dogs are not exactly keen on it.

She manages puppy class where she isn’t allowed to interact with other dogs just about ok. I’m working to distract her and keep her focus on me whilst out so we don’t interact with every dog we meet especially on lead. Our trainer says not to let her interact with most other dogs at all but I would love to hear other people’s opinions on how I can best help her. I have no problem with her playing if the other dog is happy but I do want to be in control of the situation and not let her pester dogs that don’t want to deal with a crazy puppy!

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