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Hello all,

We have had our 2 yo rescue dog for about 5 weeks now. She goes for a 25-30 min walk 2 times per day and a 45 min walk once per day (so about 1.5 hours per day). In addition we do training and play sessions in the yard, usually 2 sessions per day for 15-30 mins each. I feel like she's getting a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. However, we're struggling with her sleep patterns at night. She's happy to go into her crate at bed time but she usually barks for 5-10 mins, sometimes on and off for up to 30 mins. She falls asleep and then she's good until 5:30/5:45. We take her out for a walk at 6 but if she wakes up before then she lets out these very high pitched quiet whines while laying on her bed. She never pees until after our walk so it's not like she desperately needs to pee. She eats around 7 am.

For others that have had similar issues, how long did it take your pup to learn your schedule? She sleeps in if we have a day of very vigorous exercise but we can't really supply 2 hours of puppy play dates every day or 10 miles of walking. I'm thinking of doing another training/play session right before bed to try to tire her out.

Any tips/advice/stories about how to handle this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Here is our girl Rosie

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