Dog lose confidence after i start "nothing in life is free" approach

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So the thing is my pitbull-dog(11m old) is very very allegic to basically everyfood and so i can train him only by using only one kind of dog kibble(ostrich and i cannot afford ostrich meat by itself or anything like that) but he always wasn't that much intested in it and for sure he won't work for toys or anything like that(not toys motivated or anything).

Recently i decided to feed him only from my hands for things he is doing right(and mark it), i walk him about 3 to 4 hours a day, mostly leashed. My questing is, is it overwhelming to him or anything that? I feel like he has no energy for anything right now and if for example dog running towards us he show me a lot of stress signals(no agression or anything like that, but he freezes/huckles up and so on) and i feed him to relieve these(and even tho i feed him only from my hands he is still doesn't want work for food all that much).

Can you guys reccomend me anything to build up his confidence back? My dog trainer reccomended me to mark everything he does and reward him(look at other dog-sniff ground-see people etc) and play with him a lot/allow him to jump at me and teach him to bark at my face. I'm doing all of these, but the barking one(because when i train him to bark after that he randomly starts to bark at things he usually just freezes-stares at, even tho my trainer said that won't be an issue(dog won't start bark because i train him to do so).

Overall right now dog acts like he is somewhat scared of me/does not trust me, if i approach him rapidly he will back off scared and show me peace signals, like he acts like i getting physical with him or anything like that, but i train him only positive since i get him(3m)

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