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So I need any advice you guys have to offer with my family's dog!

He's a 2 year old toy poodle and we've had him since he was 8 weeks old. When we got him my brothers were 8 and 12. Our dog would love to go into his crate and hangout in the couch. My 8 year old brother would always bother him like try to pet and play with him while he's sleeping in his crate and no matter how many times our dog growls and gets mad he wouldn't stop. We always explain this to him, often gets yelled at, about why it's bad but he refuses to give up so that's on us. Now it still happens and the dog still gets snappy, growls, barks, sometimes bites when my brother does things like put on his leash when he's laying down and it's time for a walk. My brothers have a schedule for taking out the dog that fits their school schedule & my mom works. For example, he'd try to put on the leash to take him out before the bus comes and the dog will try to bite him so he has to leave him.

Then my other brother who was 12 at the time (I was 1 1/2 hours away at college and wasn't home consistently) ended up being the one to put him in his crate at night. In the past couple of months he grew to hate it and would bark, whine etc. when my brother put him in his crate. The issue is that the crate was right outside of my brother's room so 2 months ago I got rid of it and he has his bed & a blanket in the couch which he loves. The wall where his crate used to be now has his training pad and every single night when my brother is going to bed it's an issue. Our dog is absolutely triggered by the area where his create used to be and my brother who used to put him in his crate. This only happens when he sees my brother by his room and never happens in any other part of the house. Example: he'll be in bed sleeping, sees my brother going into his room and rushes over there to bark, jump at him and is legit pissed off. Btw my brother's room, the couch that my dog now sleeps in, wall that had his crate and my room are all on the same floor.

He's playful, happy and nice when he's playing with my brothers, when they walk him, feed him, pet him (unless he's sleeping/resting in his bed) but the two scenarios that I explained always cause an issue and it's daily. I was talking to a behavioralist but because of the stay at home order she can't do a home visit. Our family loves him and I know that my younger brother's behavior resulted in the dog's issues with him (rightfully so) but I need you guys' advice on going back to the basics with training since he's triggered by these things and only when my brothers do them.

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