Dog is now deathly afraid of fan, is there anything I can do?

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So I have a fan in my room for this time of year. One of those 2-3 foot tall box ones. Well it lost balance and fell one night while my dog and I were sleeping. I got up and fixed it and played down. Now my dog hates being close, hes a foot of the bed kind of dog. But I noticed when I laid down he laid down like right up on me. I didnt put much thought in it until a few seconds later when the fan fell again(I was half asleep when I fixed it). This time when I fixed it and laid down my dog was laying down right on top of me. I always wanted him to be more like that so I thought maybe he finally wanted that kind of attention and hugged him and went to bed.

Well the next morning is when I noticed he was just eyeing down my fan, and I made the connection. I opened my door and he booked it out. I unplugged it and picked it up to move it out of my room, and he ran to the other side of the house like it was attacking him. So I took it out, but when he pokes his head in my room he looks for it then runs away, even though it's not there.

It's been 3 weeks now and he went from sleeping on my bed every night, to not setting a single paw in my room since. I figured by now he would have moved on naturally. But I'm starting to worry. Is there something I can do? Or is this something only time will heal?

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