Dog is fine when we leave the house, but hates when we go into the bedroom at night

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Hi everyone!

We got a new dog last week and are definitely still learning each other! She is a 5 year old mutt (cattledog/shorthaired pointer maybe?) with a not-so-awesome history, but she is very smart and has already improved so much in the last week.

I slept downstairs with her the first few nights as we were getting her used to her new home and stuff. She seems fine being in the crate even with the door locked – as long as we are downstairs with her.

We did some leaving-the-house tests, and worked up to a half hour alone while we were at the grocery store. She did great, no problems at any point, just chilled out on the couch (we set up a camera to watch). So she doesn't seem to have separation anxiety per se.

But when I started going upstairs to the bedroom to sleep at night, she paws at the door and whines. Letting her in the bedroom is a hard no from my girlfriend, so it is important that the dog be comfortable on her own at night, or when the gf and I are being intimate.

Our new wonderful little doggie doesn't like when things (treats, toys) are *just* out of reach, but once it's out of sight it's out of mind. We're wondering if the same mindset is happening here, when she can hear us talking and moving behind the door.

We have read tons of stuff about how to teach doggie to love being left alone in her crate and we are working on this with mild success so far. Not trying to push it since it is still week 1. I wanted to make this post to see if other people have had similar situations where their doggie simply didn't like to be left out, and how you handled it.


Edit: PS I just wanted to say I know not to expect miracles or anything from week 1 of a dog with a troubled past. I really just want to read other people's stories with the situation.

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