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Hi everyone. My grandparents had to move into a new place and the unfortunately didn’t allow for dogs. So my parents took their 11 year old female hound mix. However she wasn’t reacting well to the new situation. She attacked my parents dog, 5 year old female lab mix. She grabbed the scruff on my parents dog neck and shook her around. All of this was unprovoked. There wasn’t any blood or anything but my parents were concerned as their dog was acting remarkably different during the time they were together. My grandparents dog then went over to my aunts house. They have an older 12+ dog, not really sure on the breed but again a mix, but he had gotten along well with my grandparents dog in the past. But he has been very different around her as well. There hasn’t been any attacks or anything but things just don’t seem to be working out. I know part of this is my grandparents dog getting used to a big change. She is probably stressed and not sure what is going on. Plus moving into a new situation into a new dogs house must be stressful. If she continues to have issues with my aunts dog, my wife and I will offer to take her in. So my plan is to talk to a behaviorist and work with both dogs to make sure the situation can work. But my question is, what should I look for when trying to find the right person to help? Also, what could I do to put us in a good situation that would give us the best chance of success?

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