Dog in heat before I had the chance to spay her. What now?

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I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask but here it goes.

I’m in a tough spot thanks to some peeps in my life and put off spaying my dog for a little longer. She started bleeding earlier than I thought and now I think I have to wait it out. She’s a pocket bully and will chew through any pull ups I put on her.

I’m going to buy her reusable ones in the mean time.

But now her bowels are all messed up. She’s gone from completely constipated to having the runs and back in a short period of time. She’s bled heavier than I would have expected and Im not sure what’s normal.

Any advice or knowledge on this is appreciated. I’ve never had a dog before and I don’t want to put her at any risk. Especially because I’ve heard spaying after the first heat can make more health issues occur.

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