Dog has spent years chained outside (not by me) and now hates going outside. Has to have some yard time each day since she won’t poop when out on walks.

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Hi everyone,

I adopted this dog in Romania where I live from someone who kept her on a chain. She had a dog house but was chained perpetually and never allowed to roam or go on walks. She is 2 years old.

I've had her for two weeks and so far she tries to be around me at all times, although that's getting better (she now doesn't need me there when I eat). I noticed that early on, she was excited to go outside from the house, when I opened the door she would run out. Now, she doesn't, I have to coax her outside with treats. To make sure outside has a good association I sometimes also throw her treats from the window.

She is mostly housetrained naturally but has peed/pooped inside twice in two weeks, on days I think I didn't let her out enough. I take her for at least two shortish (15-20 minute) walks per day, and she never ever poops on walks. Because of this, I always make sure she's out in the yard for a few hours each day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

We have a big shed/barn in the yard that she seemed to like spending time in at first (the first few days I got her, she wasn't allowed indoors since we gave her a flea treatment, to make sure they were gone).

I want to make sure she's more comfortable being outsdie. Some days I have to leave the house for several hours and can't keep her inside. Even when it's cold out, she will have the shed/barn to use as a dog house, but she is afraid of being outdoors it seems. Right now I let her out and even though it's raining and I brought her into the shed with treats, she is just waiting by the door for me to let her in.

Any advice on this?


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