Dog has become a food thief

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From the time I first got my dog, I was very strict about what he was fed. He got dog food, treats, and occasionally broth. That was it. He understood the difference between his food and people food- I could leave entire plates of food in front of him and he wouldn't touch them.

Unfortunately, my mom loves spoiling him when she visits, and he ends up getting things I don't like him having.

This has basically ruined his good behavior with food. At first he would just sniff at things, but now he's outright stealing food. I had a small barbecue last night and he tried taking things off people's plates and at one point stole a pretzel. Then this morning, he jumped onto a place he's never allowed (I know, my fault for the food being accessible) to steal 90% of my breakfast.

He gets fed twice a day and gets tons of treats every day as well, so it isn't as though he's hungry. He just no longer understands that human food isn't for him. What can I do to fix this behavior? Is it even possible to go back?

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