Dog growling at 7 week old baby.

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My sister in law’s dog growled at our 7 week old baby while he was sitting in his car seat. To give more context, we were at a third party family member’s house, aka neutral territory. The dog and SIL were coming over, and so we wanted to be sure that the dog was baby friendly as we had heard through the grapevine the dog was not a fan of children.

I thought “she doesn’t like children” meant she didn’t like kids pulling her ears or tail, in which case, who does?! But apparently “she doesn’t like children” means the mere sight of a baby pisses her off.

Obviously, the kid will never be unsupervised with the dog but I’m wondering if it’s even safe for the baby to be in the same house at the same time.

Is it likely the dog would jump on a kitchen table or into a bassinet to attack a baby because it just hates kids so much?

Any idea why the dog is growling at a teeny tiny baby that probably isn’t even aware of its presence?

I’ve never owned an aggressive dog like this so I’m trying to understand what I can expect from my sil’s dog and what precautions I need to take.

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