Dog Goes Bananas When a Specific Family Member Comes Home

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I have 3 dogs, and one of them (a chihuahua, wiener, yorkie mix) is really attached to my aunt that lives with us. She spoils him rotten and he is attached to her hip.

Whenever she leaves the house, even if only for 1 minute, when she walks back in or he sees her outside, he loses his mind.

When he sees her car pull up or her walking to the door he starts a high pitched cry/yelp and that continues until she gets into the house.

He only does this for this one person in the household. He does not act this way with anyone else.

I am trying to find the best way to limit or stop this behavior. He can't be away from her and I don't imagine his anxiety when she is gone, and the behavior when she returns as healthy.

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