Dog freaks out when me and BF show physical affection!

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Hi all – I've had my rescue GSD for almost exactly two years (happy adoptiversary, Petra!). We've worked through a lot of reactivity and I'm really proud of the dog she's become, but I need a protocol for the current problem I'm having now that I'm in a somewhat serious relationship (not the case for most of the last 2 years).

Basically any time my boyfriend hug, kiss, or show physical affection, Petra starts to bark. She might jump up, try to get in the middle, basically just generally break us up. I know she thinks there is a confrontation but I'm not really sure how to work through it without just throwing food on the ground to occupy her while we kiss or crating her while we are cuddling. I should add that she loves my boyfriend, gets really excited when he gets here, and basically shows no other signs of anxiousness or non-positive feelings towards him other than when we go to hug, kiss, etc.

Related issue, Petra is used to sleeping on my bed. However, I've decided I want to stop doing this as my bed is constantly covered in hair. She is an extremely cuddle-loving dog and as a GSD she is stuck to us, so I don't want to kick her off and out of the room suddenly since I think this will make her feel very anxious. Is there a protocol for how to gradually transition your dog off the bed?

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