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We got a very energetic young rescue a few days ago (maybe around 7-9months old). I already taught her the sit command and she mostly understands it and obeys, even though she only stays still long enough to get her encouragement. The thing is, she lives outside. She can go into a room with her bed and she mostly sleeps in there but the rest of the time is spent outside (it's a big enclosed lawn) running around or playing with my other dog (corgi mix). On the second day we found a massive hole in the ground, which she most likely made during the night. We covered it up and hoped it would be a one time thing because she was just adjusting, but this morning there were three more. I'm wondering how to let her know it's not okay to do that when I don't see her while she's doing it. Will she understand if I reprimand her while pointing at it or is that useless?

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