Dog drinks too much water and then pees himself at night

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My dog is 1.5 years old and has been fine for the last year or so, a few months ago he started drinking a lot more water if I let him and he then pees himself in the crate at night. I had success when I micromanaged his water intake and didn't give him access to it after like 6 PM, but I don't want to dehydrate him in the process.

I really really don't want to get up at night again, I am so over the puppy phase lol. I felt like he started drinking more because of winter and dry air, but if I give him unlimited access to water he just gulps it all down. He's always been weird with water – if we go to dog park he just keeps drinking it and will then basically pee water after a few hours.

Do you think I should either limit his intake and remove the water after 6PM? Do you think he has a condition? He has been to the vet a month ago and seemed healthy, they did not take his blood though. Should I just go to the vet for this or is it overkill?

I get a bit down after seeing his blanket drenched in pee and I have to keep washing them. I'm just a bit frustrated at the moment as he is otherwise a very good dog.

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