Dog doesnt listen to me?

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I'm struggling to train my dog. He listens to my partner, he's calm on the lead, he sits when told, his recall is excellent…but he ignores me consistently. He jumps on me, he climbs up into the bed when my partner gets up, he yanks on the lead, he goes wild the second I pick up his harness, he completely ignores when I call, it's everything. Now, this actually pisses me off quite a lot as I'm the one who has done the bulk of the training and I'm the one it's not taking with, but I'm obviously at the point that I know it's about me and not my partner or dog.

Anyone have any tips or links to training videos to combat this specifically? I'm not finding anything. My dog walker and vet both said that some dogs think the female tone of voice is more playful and as a result don't take to them as easily, but there must be more to it than that.

Happy to discuss if questions are needed, but I need help.

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