Dog Digging – I have breed-specific questions!

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Hi all! We've recently adopted a 5mo German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix. She's a sweetheart, and has really come out of her shell in the past month. She's become far more alert, active, and eager to learn. We're so happy we've got her.

With that said, we've never had a dog that requires this much mental and physical stimulation, so we're struggling to figure out ways to keep up with her, especially considering she is a very fearful/reactive dog afraid of walks/dogs/strangers.

Lately, she's been digging in a particular spot in the garden of the patio at our condo. We try to divert her attention and focus on play time, but it's becoming clear we need to do a little more. However, I'm concerned about doing too much as well, since she's still growing.

What level of intensity would be suitable for her exercise routine, at her age? How many hours of physical activity should we aim for? Do you have any suggestions for a family that can't take her out just yet, but also doesn't have a big yard for her to run in?

In the future, I'd love to take her on hikes and maybe enroll her in agility classes. For reasons obvious and not-obvious, that can't happen right now. Any age-appropriate suggestions you can give for keeping our pup engaged in the interim would be greatly appreciated!

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