Dog destroys house, what to do?

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Hi everyone.

So we (me and my husband) have a dog that we rescued from a shelter when he was 2 month old, now he is almost 1 and a half year old.

He is a mixed breed and medium-large in size. The problem is that every time me and my husband are at work he destroys something in the house. He destroyed small things, pillows, the coffee table and the couch. (When we are at home he never touches anything, even if we are asleep in the other room with the door closed).

We tried everything with him. He has many toys of course and a kong. We hired a dog trainer but it didn't help. He told us that he doesn't have seperation anxiety like we were thinking but that he just has a lot of energy and is really hyper. After that my husband began to walk him for an hour before work including a trip to the dog park where he runs a lot. It still isn't helping.

We tried crating him but I feel terrible that he is in the crate for many hours, plus he always pees in there and if I try puting a blanket or something in there he destroys it completly.

I don't know if it's relevent but we also have another dog, he is 6 years old and he never had isssues of that sort. Me and my husband had other dogs prior and never faced problems like that so we are really lost.

We love him very much and giving him away is not an option.

Is there anything we can do to stop this?

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