Dog defecates and pees on bed, training tips needed

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So I usually like to think I am well versed and experienced in dog care and training, but me and my roommate are at whits end. I live with a few people, but the main ones I will be referencing is myself, May, April, and March (names changed for safety).

March is the husky owned by April; March is a purebred husky that usually is a chill dog with mild separation anxiety and car sickness, but that's common and we usually all can manage it. However, as of lately, March has been using the potty inside, and not like a normal accident where its in a corner of the house or on the floor by the door, no, it's on furniture. March has peed and pooed on Mays bed and peed on my own. May and I have talked to April about these problems and April always is apologetic and actually cleans anything that has been soiled by March.

The real problem is that March continues to have these accidents, more specifically on May's bed, but also on a furniture item in the living room too. We only discovered the soiled furniture item this morning, but shit man, this dog ruined the furniture with so much pee and poo. May especially is at her whits end with March ruining her bed, and April hasn't done much to help change March's behaviour. What I am really on here for is if anyone has any idea how to help to stop these accidents through a training method for March. Obviously, we can keep doors closed or have March locked up, but we don't want to have to do that unless nothing else works.

TL;DR: Dog urinates and defecates on beds and furniture often and I am looking for training tips to help curb and stop the behaviour

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