Dog bit me pretty good, scared my wife, possible resource guarding.

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So my 12 mo mini Aussie has had some issues with resource guarding his bones. Doesn’t care if I take his food bowl or any toys but loves his bones. However he only resource guards sometimes so it’s hard to predict. We have done a little work trying to correct this but admittedly not enough. We currently have a friend quarantining with us for a couple weeks who gets along well with our dog. She has been here two weeks now. A few times she has walked near him while he is chewing his bone and he will growl lowly at her. For some reason he doesn’t trust her around his things.

Tonight, she called him to her to get pets and he happily walked over and got pet. Out of nowhere he turned and growled and barked at her. He then ran towards his bone which was on my side of the couch, opposite side from her. And he snapped at my foot, breaking skin.l as I stood up to get him to calm down and go in his pen. This next part was my fault but I reached out towards him and he snapped at my finger and held on just a bit and broke skin on two of my fingers, getting a decent chunk of skin on one finger. I got a treat to try and lure him to his play pen but he ignored me and started snapping and barking at my wife and friend who were retreating on the couch. I ran upstairs and he followed me but as soon as he heard my wife and friend move he jolted back downstairs and barked again. I then ran outside and he followed me until I could close him out. My wounds are fine and I have cleaned and treated with antibiotic gel. But what does this mean for my dog? Outside of resource guarding his bone he has never displayed any aggression before. Now I’m afraid to have him around anyone or let him out of his play pen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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