Dog being dominant over new dog. Help.

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I have a 5 year old weimaraner mix that can sometimes be possessive, we've been working on this for a long time and it's been getting better. However, last night we brought home a 7 month old bulldog mix and my older baby is not happy about no longer being an only dog. They got along very well when they met at the dog park but now that the new dog is in the house she will stand over the new dog and stare her down, occasionally nipping or pouncing on her. We had to muzzle her briefly last night because we were concerned that she was going to hurt the new dog. They seem a little more at ease today and we haven't needed a muzzle, we've mostly been doing training exercises and practicing leave it commands with the older dog and it seems like she's being more tolerant, but every time the new dog goes near something that the older dog thinks is "hers" then she runs over, stares down the new dog, and either removes it from the new dog, or nips at her. This morning during breakfast their was a little bit of tension, a few growls and nip, a lot of staring down at the new dog, with very still and slow body posture and movement. What can we do to make the transition easier for my older dog? How do I work through the possessive behavior?

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