Dog behaviour post dog-bite?

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I have an 8mo German Shep puppy. Hes a big boy weighing in at 45kg and is a very excitable pup. He jumps up when when meeting new people, and sometimes reacts to other dogs on walks. That being said, we have him on a head collar and are actively training him out of this. However tonight, while we were walking on leash, he was bitten by another hyperactive puppy and got 3 deep cuts on his mouth and nose. There were two dogs, both possibly around 1yo and a bit smaller than him. They were off leash in on a busy street. As we were walking past, one of the dogs tried to play and became very aggressive very quickly and bit him twice on the head. My puppy squealed with pain rather than trying to attack this other dog. I took pup to the vet asap and they warned this might cause negative type behaviours in my dog given this attack. To be very cautious around other dogs, animals, children and people from now on. That really worries me, especially as we are expecting a new baby in the next month…

He is currently sleeping, and seems ok but is a little restless and very clingy to me tonight. And very alert to any outside noises he can hear.

What is the likelihood he will became more reactive after this experience and what can we do to try to reassure him and socialise him normally with other animals/ humans. Does it mean we can never let him off leash again as the risk of him interacting with other dogs is too risky?


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