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Hi I am new to this page but need some help! We have a just turned 1yo male labradoodle. He is overall a good pup and is really smart. Of course with this breed means that he has TONS of energy. We exercise him fully and he usually behaves pretty well while walking. He usually goes on a 1.5m walk /run in the morning, then another 2 mile walk and gets to run off leash in the evening. Plus some training in the day. Lately though on some walks he has been getting random zoomies, but when he gets them he has been jumping on us and biting at us somewhat aggressively. He also does this sometimes if we are trying to reinforce “leave it” when he tries to lunge for a bird or squirrel. When he does this we usually will grab/step on his leash so he can’t jump on us and so that he can calm down. We are a bit worried if he did this with someone else that he could hurt them by jumping. He has gone through training courses and we have always worked on working with him on his leash walking from day one. Does anyone have any training advice for this kind of behavior? Thanks in advance!

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