Dog behaves, until my girlfriend is around?

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I have a 4 year old beagle mix. He was pretty rambunctious when I first got him but since being neutered and aging a little he behaves pretty well. Earlier this year I started dating my current girlfriend and at first when she would be around he was super excited but like new person excited and she’s a animal person so I understood.

Now it’s been a while and he still goes wild around her. Even if she’s spent the last two nights so it’s not like it’s just like “just walked in the door” excitement. He jumps up on you, leans on the kitchen counter to get into stuff, doesn’t come when called and basically ignores my commands. The same commands that he follows instantly when she’s not around. Even when he’s around my parents he listens. Why is she so different?

Sometimes when he’s misbehaving, she’s asked me to tell him no so she “doesn’t have to be the mean one”. Could that be part of the issue? I’m happy to respond to any questions if I’m leaving out necessary info.


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