Dog barks like crazy while in crate

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Hello all,

I have recently moved into an apartment as of a few weeks ago, and I have two dogs. One I have no issue with, the other (a Chihuahua) has started to bark continuously while she's in her crate. I have recently started working from home because of the coronavirus, before I did she was relatively quiet from what my husband says. She's very attached to me and because she knows I'm home, she barks and barks until I come to her. For my job I take calls all day, so I cannot have her barking in the background. It's gotten to the point where I have put her in a far bathroom in her crate, but even now I can still hear her. I cannot jeopardize my job or my apartment, so I could really use some help. What can I do to calm her?

For some background, she used to not be this way. I used to live with my parents for a while, and she learned that if she barked my mom would let her out and she would get attention from them.

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