Dog barks at new neighbors every time they walk outside their house

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Hello! I have a 1 y/o female half black lab half doberman dog. She has a very sassy personality but knows basic commands (sit, down, shake, turn around, etc.). We’re still working on “come,” as she sometimes won’t come when she is distracted. The doberman in her hates strangers and is a bit territorial (the mailman, people walking on the sidewalk in front of our house, etc.) We moved into a new house about 2 months ago and she barked at the neighbors a lot in the beginning but has now warmed up to them. Now, a new family has moved into the home next door, and she barks at them very loudly whenever they are walking outside their house next to our backyard. I do not want them to feel unwelcome because our dog barks at them every time they walk past! Whenever I can, I give her treats when they are around so that she has a positive association with the treats and the new neighbors. However, sometimes I can’t get the treats quick enough and they are gone by the time I get there to try and correct her behavior. Is there any faster way that I can get her to stop barking at them? We would invite them over for dinner or something to get acquainted but with the current covid situation that is not an option. I feel terrible that they get barked at every time they walk around their new home. Help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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