Dog barks and nudges the couch when girlfriend and I are together, calm when we are in separate rooms

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Hard to get the whole thing into the title. My dog's behavior for the most part is pretty great. She is wonderful on her leash, knows some basic commands, goes right to her bed when it's bed time, etc. One thing she does though, is get super loud and pushy when my girlfriend (we live together) and I at the end of the day will get on the couch and put on a movie or something.

She will bark at us and nudge the couch cushions with her nose. We don't restrict her from the couches at all and if I'm relaxing by myself, or my girlfriend is, she happily jumps up on the couch and relaxes as well.

When we are together, she will bark and nudge for a while until she eventually jumps up and relaxes. She only seems to do it when we are together and I'm not sure why. She could be doing this, my girlfriend could go into another room and watch TV or read and my dog immediately will stop and lay down on the couch.

It's a bigger sectional couch with plenty of room and sometimes we are sitting on separate sides, sometimes on the same, doesn't seem to make a difference.

She gets plenty of excercise. For example this past weekend, I took her for a 4 mile hike and she still did it for a good 10 minutes that night.

Sorry if this isn't enough information, I can provide more if needed. Just trying to figure out why she does it so I can begin trying to correct it.

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