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Dog aggression problems

Hello everyone. I have a pitbull/american bulldog mix who was rescued as a very young puppy. He is now around 3 years old. Growing up he was great with other dogs, very playful and today, still has tons of energy. He is neutered. Lately he absolutely loses his mind whenever he sees other dogs and he sounds very aggressive as he barks at them. For this reason I am to afraid to bring him around other dogs even though he hasn’t attacked another dog. I have another dog that is his best buddy. A 11 year old American Staffordshire terrier. The weird thing that I want to get to the bottom of is, whenever the younger one sees another dog he randomly bites my other dog as if he just needs to release something. It is so weird and I can’t understand why he attacks my other dog who shows absolutely no aggression, he doesn’t even pay attention to him when he bites him. Any answers to solve this aggression to seeing other dogs?

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