Doberman Pup bites super hard, lunges, and rips skin and clothing

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This is Smough, a 4 month old doberman pup who I love so much. He is neutered, has all of his shots, and knows a solid sit and down. Today when he got out of his crate, he sat down, put his snout over my shoulder, and sort of looked down a bit and it felt like a hug and I scratched his head the way he likes and it is moments like these that I can tell he can be a sweet, loving boy.

This this, and this are the types of bites I'm super worried about. Once he starts these fits of biting there's almost no stopping him. He bites my husband too but not nearly as hard and he has never bitten anybody else. It seems to only be people he knows well.

There are 3 situations it happens in: The back yard- if I take him out there I usually put him on a long lead or tie out since we don't have a gated yard. This is the most frequent are for this behavior and he begins very quickly. Usually, he gets the zoomies and starts circling me or running close by in general. Then he starts to bite my ankles and shoes, moves up to my legs, and quickly begins to jump and lunge to bite my hip, stomach, and arms. I usually began standing very still when I notice the warning signs, but once he ks attacking me I try desperately to defend myself by blocking his lunges or grabbing him to stop him.

On walks- this one is more rare than the back yard, but still happens so frequently that I've stopped taking him for many walks entirely. His attacks are more or less the same as the back yard except here I'll try to pull his leash down low or away from me. He ususally, in blth cases, continues the moment i let go of him.

Inside- we keep him on a leash inside and we usually play in the living room. He gets disinterested in his toys pretty quickly and lunges for whatever we have in the cup holders. Once we take those away, he usually focuses on the cats but we won't let him near them because we can't even trust him around us. Then, I'm pretty sure he gets mad about not getting his way and bites, tho it usually seems like he is trying to play here and isn't as persistent as outside.

It seems to me that he is trying to play with me the way he played with dogs. He stays with a friend and her dogs on my long work days and we've taken him to the dog park and ot really looks similar.

Things I've tried I started with replacement. As a very small pup, I would put a chew in his mouth the moment he started biting. I still try to do this but it usually doesn't take. I've done the yelp and ignore. This is kind of hard to do when you're the only one. I haven't tried turning away and, if he is biting me outside and im not protecting myself… well the bites hurt so badly, I don't know what to do. I have done the ouch and separate. I try and use a door to seperate us by closing the leash in so he is on the other side without access to anything. Again, this is kinda impossible to do outside and away from home. I do think it has helped a little with his indoor behavior. I sometimes hold him on the ground if I can manage to. I've also lightly held his snout shut. None of this helps and I usually can't do this anyway if we are outside. I've tried some compressed air but he just thinks of this as a challenge and bites and barks at it.

I've also tried taking a pull rope with me on walks a few times. I'm just not sure k should have him expect this sort of play? Like I don't want to incourage him further to bite and pull things on walks?

We have has an in-home visit from a trainer and we got a lot of tips for all sorts of behavior issues. Most has worked well but the bkting persists. Today he even starts puppy class with the same trainer.

I hate not being able to confidently take my pup out without fear of biting. The fear of being attacked stops me from taking him on many walks or going out back to teach the boy a better game of fetch. I just don't know what to do and I'm wondering how people have handled very bity pups in the past.

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