Do puppy blues really go away though?

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I got my first puppy (a 2 m/o Italian hound Segugio mix) almost four months ago. At first I suffered a lot, like madly crying every day because of exhaustion and the dear old feeling of being a failure, but with the twist that this time, I was not failing just myself, but I was also hurting a small thing that was depending on me. It was a phase, I read this sub, I grit my teeth and so on. Months passed and the fear of hurting the puppy deepened with time. Because of the Corona, my boyfriend was laid off and since I was the one still working and he had lots of free time, he took the majority of the responsibility with the dog. I thought that my puppy blues phase was over, but then my boyfriend found a new job and I was left alone with our puppy, that is now is in full adolescence (which by the way, wasn't supposed to start later than 5 months old? It's not fair) and I just don't know how to cope. I love him so deeply, but at the same time I hate his guts and I hate myself for hating him or for getting mad at him when he gets in trouble and here I am, three months later, at the second round of this emotional rodeo, so I don't know if I'm really buying the whole "it get better" kind of rhetoric anymore

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