[Discussion] Take some advice from sims 2 when dealing with puppies

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So I was just thinking about this today while Zeus and I were getting coffee and a pupachino. A lot of the things being asked on here such as how do I stop my puppy from chewing furniture? How do I house break a puppy? How do I keep my puppy off furniture? Etc. A lot of that stuff can easily be googled or watched on youtube but if you remember sims 2 (never played sims 3 and sims 4 they come basically pretty trained ) then you remember training the dog/puppy for behavior (not commands) you had to catch the puppy/dog doing something and you were given the choice to scold or praise them. We know positive reinforcement is best so for this post and just like when I play sims 2 we are ignoring the scold option. In the game you catch the dog/puppy chewing on it's bone you praise it. You catch the dog going potty outside you praise it. You catch the dog sleeping on its bed you praise it. You catch the dog eating its food you praise it (ok that one is pretty useless in real life as it wont keep them from stealing your food). You catch the dog sniffing calmly you praise it. This is called marking a behavior. Praise the behavior you like. For example if I am approaching Zeus and he sits calmly like he does 95% of the time I praise him, he sits by the front door when it's time to go in I praise him, he chews on his toys I praise him, he goes to his crate aka bed at night I praise him, he interacts calmly with the cats I praise him. I praise every time he does what I find to be good and acceptable. Infact he comes back more when he hears good boy or good potty after going potty (he gets put in a 150ft lead outside because he likes to poop far away from the house) than he does when he hears his name because he knows that those words mean so many pets and possibly treats are coming his way.

Tldr: praise the behavior you want everytime you see it.

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