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Hey guys! I need help on how to get my dog to stop digging up our yard. My husband is ready to get rid of her and I do not want that to happen. He works hard on our yard and my dog is tearing up the grass with a bunch of holes. She is a 2 year old Aussie mix. We have a big yard that’s completely fenced in. She has plenty of toys to play with and us and our daughter play with her indoors and outdoors daily. She’s an indoor dog and doesn’t stay outside alone for long periods of time. I believe she’s digging to lay in the cool dirt, but she even does it if we just let her out for 10 minutes in the morning to do her business. It seems like every time we take our eyes off her she feels the need to dig a hole. I’ve tried the no dig sprays from pet stores to no avail. We’ve tried showing her and telling her sternly NO DIG for weeks and she still continues to do it. My husband has swatted her for it (which, I KNOW, not my preferred discipline method. He’s frustrated, don’t come for me) and still she does it. I love her and she’s so smart, and otherwise SUCH a good girl. The last thing I want is to lose her because she’s digging holes. I’d appreciate any tips y’all have. Thanks!!

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