Did I scare the shit out of my pup? :(

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We've had our puppy 3 weeks (he's 11 weeks) and in that time we've only had 1 accident. That was our fault. He went to the door but I had to do something and didn't let him out immediately.

He was potty trained by his breeder.

He is very diligent about going out to pee / poop and we have reinforced that with high value treats / praise.

Long story short, he was also crate trained but did have some whining …and hubby has now made us an issue because even if he whimpers a little, he'll immediately whisk him out of his pen and take him upstairs to his office for a nap.

Last night, I decided enough was enough – because when he's with me – I want him to be in his crate so I can actually do shit around the house / work.

I put him in his crate and left him there. He cried A LOT. I mean, a ton but I figured it would be normal.

The lights were off and I'd go in and praise him during quiet moments.

After 10 minutes, his whining intensified and I put on the lights and saw he had pooped out of anxiety 🙁

I feel AWFUL.

Tonight, pup was up WHINING ALL NIGHT in his pen – the only time previously he hadn't whined was during the night.

My husband said he pooped and peed in his pen 🙁 Hubby sleeps downstairs with pup in his pen.

Have I now made a negative association?

I'm quite bummed out because at least he was sleeping during the night but seems I ruined the pen for him?

Should we just focus on crate/pen training for now?


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