Did anyone else hate their puppy??

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I know this is a common thing but I just feel like I can’t deal with it. I have anxiety and depression and I thought getting a dog would help. I love being around well trained adult dogs, and they do help me feel calmer! But I honestly think it was a stupid mistake to get a puppy. The stress of having to take care of him is giving me even more anxiety than before. I have been sick at my stomach since a few days before we even got him, and I have been crying HARD every single day. I am stuck at home alone with him all day and it’s horrible. I got my husband to take him to work with him today, and I’m still crying this morning thinking about the fact that he is gonna bring the dog back later. I want to return him to the breeder so badly but my husband just straight up won’t let me. Which I don’t think is fair because I’m the one primarily taking care of the puppy.

I try to play with him, and cuddle with him when he’s tired to bond with him but I just really don’t like him. He’s insanely cute but he’s a jerk. He doesn’t respond to any training we try to do like teaching him his name or to sit, and he bites so much and it might sound stupid, but I’m honestly scared of touching him or being around him because I don’t want him to keep biting me. I always wear close toed shoes so he can’t bite my feet. He’s a goldendoodle and I chose this breed because I thought they were supposed to be so sweet and easy to train. I didn’t expect him to be such a jerk. He has even started barking at me and he growled at me yesterday.

He was taken from his litter when he was only 6 weeks old, which now I know is bad but I didn’t realize at the time, but he’s 7 weeks old now and he’s a monster!! And he’s only getting bigger every day and I’m terrified of how big he is going to get due to how crazy he is. I seriously do not want this dog. I want to take him back so bad and let someone else who is better equipped to handle him take him instead. I’m so frustrated that my husband literally won’t hear me out and is just like “it sucks that you don’t like him, but we are keeping him.”

I’m putting him in the crate for enforced naps so he isn’t over tired, I’m trying to offer him alternative things to chew on, and I even sprayed bitter apple spray on my shoes but he still attacks them. I just don’t think I can handle this for several months and I’m so scared of how much harder it will be when he gets bigger. What should I do?

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