Desperate for a solution to post-neuter hysteria

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My 1yr 8mo old blue heeler just got neutered on the 7th, so it’s his second night after surgery when I’m writing this. Because of the stitches, he has had to be inside and is, of course, not getting the exercise he’s used to. He was fine his first night as the anaesthetic wore off, but tonight he is whining and barking and being hysterical. He always sleeps in my room with closed doors, but is usually a sound sleeper if he’s had his exercise. He is standing and putting his paws up on things, scratching at the door, and pacing along with the whining and barking. I had to block off my bed so he can’t jump up on it; he has done this a couple times when really wanting attention, but he isn’t allowed up normally. He has his inflatable cone/donut on 95% of the day, and seems resigned but okay with it (he doesn’t try to remove it). I’m very worried he is going to split his stitches with all his moving around.

When he was quiet for a solid 10 minutes, I took a look at his incision, offered him a trip outside, and reminded him of his water, so I know it’s not any of those things he’s trying to bring my attention to. Other than that, I’m doing the usual don’t reward/react to his barking and whining procedure to try and get him to take the hint.

During the day, he was allowed to move in the main part of my house, look out the window and screen door, and played with 2 different puzzle/enrichment toys. He was given love and attention whenever he nicely asked for it, and we occasionally rewarded him for being settled and content. When he needed to go out, we took him on a lead and let him stand outside and sniff a little just to be outside.

I don’t know what else I could possibly do to wear him out enough to be calm at night without any strenuous activity. I’m really worried he’ll hurt himself or strain his stitches moving around so anxiously. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!

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