Deference training, new rescue dog will not sit?

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Existing dog: 3 year old neutered male dachshund

New dog: 5 year old neutered male mix breed, shelter labeled as a retriever mix. Adopted 9/25/2020. Very food motivated.

Our dachshund is anxious and resource guards. Our rescue displayed high tolerance and confidence at the shelter. Dogs met before coming home and got along well, but due to the dachshund resource guarding me the shelter behaviorist recommended deference training for the dogs.

The new dog will not sit. The shelter swears that he knows a bunch of commands, but he so far is only responding to come.

We've also had a few instances of concern, where when he is laying down if we lean down to pet him or make any moves to touch him he shows teeth/raises hackles and lunges. He did not show any of this behavior in the shelter and was even used in temperament testing with other dogs.

We're already really in love with him and are looking for ways to work through his issues, and I'd really like to be able to provide the structure and guidance that deference training seems like it would give both dogs – but he just won't sit. I tried the treat over the head thing multiple times, nothing. Tried holding the food dish, nothing.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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