Day 1 with New Puppy… and my first dog ever. Help?

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We just got an adorable 8 week old Shiba Inu (husbands idea… I know how notoriously hard to train, but here we go).

I’m pretty sure the commercial breeder we used, while approved by the usda and providing vet paperwork, may have been a puppy mill. I got some weird vibes and I keep thinking that the boy’s behavior is really weird.

Some difficulties so far:

-He won’t walk about on anything but grass or our apartment floor. I have to carry him outside because he refuses to walk on the concrete.

-He views his leash as a toy. Even making it less interesting, refusing to pull back, and trying to get him to sit with treats didn’t work.

-I haven’t found a treat he likes yet. He will eat some things but seems to be very picky.

-He doesn’t seem to like any of the toys we got, chew or otherwise.

-He wouldn’t eat out of his bowl, I had to hand feed him. Eventually I sorta tricked him into his bowl by putting my hand right by it.

-He super avoided the crate. I had to nudge his butt in while he was licking a peanut butter filled Kong, and then he lay down. He’s asleep in it now.

-He randomly gets shaky and scared.

I know it’s been only a few hours, and maybe I’m overwhelmed and overreacting, but I could use some advice or help. I’ve never owned a dog before and I don’t want to screw training up.

His vet appointment is tomorrow but if everything comes back ok… I’m going to need help unpacking training and whatever trauma this little guy is going through.

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