Cyst on puppy’s belly?!

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Just wondering if you’ve come across this with any of your dogs over the years. My 8.5 week old Golden Retriever, female, appears to have a cyst about an inch from her genitals/vulva on her belly. It’s not a nipple or a cut. It’s red, hard and raised, the size of a small marble. I’ve had female dogs before so I’m familiar with a normal belly and the skin.

I would compare it to a very deep ingrown hair cyst on a human. I’ll keep monitoring it but she doesn’t show any signs of pain when I put pressure on it, so that’s good. Her insurance doesn’t kick in for a week, so unless it gets worse I’ll wait for a vet visit. If it appears to get worse I won’t hesitate to take her in ASAP.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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