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4.5 month old corgi pup here I knew corgis were barkers but I guess I underestimated it just like I underestimated all of puppy raising! Any advice on at least getting the corgi bark under control I know when he's barking for attention and I ignore that. But he often barks at just random sounds in the house that I can't even hear especially at night. Sounds from the tv he barks at, someone coming up the stairs he barks, coming out of their room he barks like he has to alert he whole house about it. It varies depending on how fast they walk though sometimes he doesn't care. Or if I make a squeak with my shoe he's barking about it. Someone talks weird or loud he barks. I thought my dog before was a barker (he was a beagle) but not like this. I give him lots of exercise/play/all his meals are in puzzles or kongs I give him chews. Sometimes he'll be about to fall asleep when all of a sudden a suspicious noise only he heard wakes him up. Idk if he's just anxious or stressed. Anyway to calm him? Would this maybe be a puppy fear thing or does the barking get worse? I've been teaching him quiet he seems to understand. He looks at me lays down and waits for a treat when I say it sometimes it takes a few times when he's really fixated on where the noise came from.

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