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First, this post is not my own opinions, actually I don’t have figured out my own opinions about crates and crate training but I would like hear your opinions about this topic. When asking Swedish professionals they are backing up the Swedish laws. I’m very used to my country’s animal welfare laws that can be seen as very strict when it comes to pets but I want to keep an open mind.

So here it is. It is illegal in Sweden to keep your dog in a create in your home. Your not even allowed to have a create that you can close. It is okay to have a create if the door has been removed. It is considered to be abusing and harm the dog to keep it in there. When you are traveling in a car you must have a create or a harness that you can attach to the regular car seatbelt. But it is a totally a no no in your home!

When searching around the almost all US trainers are talking about create training like it is noting to even question or discuss and seems like a must for every puppy and dog owner. So of course this makes me really confused. All I want is to give my puppy the best training I can.

I have a create for my puppy in my home with no door. The create is supposed to my puppy’s rest zone where no one is allowed to disturb her. I still want her to get use to be in a small space and feel safe there in case of future situations where we maybe are forced to keep her in a small space, like when travel or being at the vet. So that is my approach.

I’m sorry if my grammar is lacking but I’m hoping you get my thoughts right! I would really like to hear your thoughts about this anti-create-law since it seems to be so common in other parts of the world. All we want is to make our puppy’s life’s the best!

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