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So the husband and I have two 11 week old puppies, and as many of you have experienced, they turn into absolute dicks when they are tired.

Now I am a fan of the idea of crating them for naps, to tell them that play time is over, you need to sleep.

My husband however keeps saying to me “I don’t want the crates to be a way to punish them”. Which, yes, I agree with, but he doesn’t seem to see that enforcing nap time is not a punishment. (Can I also point out that he isn’t the one who is home with them all day, and isn’t the one dealing with two dick head puppies).

He’s very much into his sources and facts and backing up ideas, so does anyone have anywhere they can point me to back up the idea of crating for naps, or hell, anecdotal evidence, because he is very stuck on this point, and I am very stuck on this point (particularly cause mommy needs a nap too goddammit).

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