Crate training not going well. I’m so tired. Please help.

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Our pup is very lovely and smart, but also very stubborn (shes a Chorkie so, stubbornness is to be expected i guess) – 5 months old.

We're trying to crate train her, 1) we want to travel with her and want her to be able to sleep well, and 2) she is extremely needy, which is lovely, but i cant really shower while my husbands at work right now because she goes crazy. We'd like her to be able to be on her own in her crate if we need to go out quickly or shower or whatever else.

Problem is while she likes the crate, she hates not being able to see us. We tried sleeping downstairs with her and slooowly moving back upstairs, didnt work. We tried having her crate upstairs with us and slooowly moving her out of the room, didn't work. She screams. She is a bit upset when we first put her in there but then goes to sleep and is fine, but wakes up at 4-5-6am and will not stop howling until someone comes down, comforts her, and takes her on a walk. We put her to bed and go to bed ourselves about 12am, and we'd like to get up at 7-8am. We tried just ignoring her till 7am but she will not stop, and the thing is we have thin walls – theres no way its not disturbing our neighbors and we'll get a noise complaint, so that doesn't work either.

Any advice? What are we doing wrong here? She has water, food, nice bedding, and a heartbeat teddie, and chews (shes teething) in her crate with her.

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